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July 5th at 6:00pm, July 6th at 1:00pm and 6:00pm. Orpheum Performing Arts Center, Tannersville, NY.

The Candy Man is Coming to Tannersville This July!


When Roald Dahl first penned Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 1964, he couldn’t have imagined that fifty years later his story about misbehaving children and an eccentric chocolatier would spawn three feature films, an opera, two musicals, countless animated and radio adaptations, a video game, and of course, a robust line of confections. 


Imagination is at the core of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the key to its lasting power in multiple generations of children. This July, the ubiquitous candy man will make an appearance in Maude Adams Theater Hub’s wonderful production of the 2018 musical version at the Orpheum Performing Arts Center in Tannersville, NY. Once again MATH will be gathering local talent from around the region to step into these iconic shoes.


The casting of the titular role, Charlie, has its own ironic serendipity, as Ezra Kashman’s parents just happen to own…a candy store. Last Chance Cheese first opened in 1971, the brainchild of Loren and Anita Kashman (Ezra’s grandparents), and today carries over 100 varieties of candies and chocolates, due, according to Lauren Kashman, to a shared family sweet tooth. Ezra, a fifth grade student at Hunter Tannersville Elementary, first caught the theater bug at summer camp, and has since appeared in a number of productions, including 101 Dalmatians last fall. He was born to play Charlie Buckett!


As luck would have it–and community theater is always leaning on luck–Jake Shipley left NYC in January in search of quieter pastures, landing on Main Street Tannersville, where he has been working on a stand up routine while waiting tables at Table Restaurant–in his words, living the dream. On a whim, he auditioned and nailed the part of Willie Wonka. Jake’s and Ezra’s chemistry was evident that first day, when they both set aside their scripts and brought down the house. 


Grandpa Joe, aka Chris Cade, can also be found on Main Street, either at the counter of the Tannersville Antique Center, or managing the Catskill Mountain Foundation Store across the street. The always dulcet tones of Green Room Players’ Songbirds soprano Cara Dantzig are already making rehearsal attendees teary eyed as Mrs. Buckett, and local favorites Katherine Reich, Kat Wood, and Brian Flynn bring the laughs as the bed-ridden grandparents. 


Under the joyful direction of Liz Piccoli, the cast is drawn from Saugerties, Jewett, Windham, Lexington, Hunter, Phoenicia, Elka Park, Woodstock, and Jefferson, and includes Glenda Lauten as Mrs. Gloop, Henrietta Phillips as Augusta, Hedda Flynn as Mrs. Salt, Emma Schneider as Veruca, Matthew Weiman as Mr. Beauregard, Ella Jones as Violet, Shama Davis as Mrs. Teavee, and Asa Davis as Mike. Also featuring Josh Fromer and Ginger McMahon as Jerry and Terry, newbie Michelle Jenab as Mrs. Greene, Anita Goodrich as Mama Squirrel, and a cast of up-and-comers Astrid Conybeare, Safiya Doran, Everly Jones, Daisy Mason, Anahlea Nunez, Raina Rabuffo, Cassidy Dantzig, Poppy Davis, Kaeden Goodrich, Maya Goodrich as Oompas and Squirrels. 


You can (and should!) buy your tickets now!


Showtimes: Friday, July 5th at 6:00pm, Saturday, July 6th at 1:00pm and 6:00pm. Orpheum Performing Arts Center, 6050 Main Street, Tannersville, NY.


There is no life I know, 

To compare with pure imagination…


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