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Roger Peltzman

After returning from its recent 3 week triumph at London's Marylebone Theater, Dedication makes its US premier at the gorgeous Doctorow Center in Hunter NY!  


This is the only chance to catch the show in the US during 2023.  Dedication returns to Europe in 2024.


New York pianist Roger Peltzman’s one-person show, Dedication, recounts his family’s tragic history fleeing the Nazis in war-torn Europe using drama, humor, powerful images and musical performances of everything from blues to Chopin.


Drawn into the story of people he never knew, Peltzman develops a “relationship” with his uncle, Norbert Stern, a brilliant pianist who was murdered in Auschwitz at age 21. Learning that Holocaust trauma can be inherited, Peltzman recounts his coming to terms with second generation survivor trauma and the role of music in helping to manage wounds that will never fully heal. A singular tale from the Holocaust that is at once extraordinary and relatable

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For more information:

The Jewish Chronicle article:

The Trauma of the Shoah Can Be Passed Through Generations.

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